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Question about manual stretch grip

Question about manual stretch grip


I have a question about the grip used when doing manual stretching. I use an OK grip behind the glans as recommended. I’m uncut, so the procedure goes as following, pull foreskin back, get a good grip then pull. The question goes like this: My glans isn’t very big when flaccid, I do not have a “mushroom” shaped penis, so a grip where I have the palm of my hand at the shaft isn’t working as I do not get firm enough of a grip and it slips. My palm is however at the glans, and I am worried if this could cause any long term sensation effects? I do not squeeze of pull ON the glans, my grip is rested behind it.

I do not suffer any numbness or pain when I am done. I’m mildly sore, but I suppose that is to be expected, and it subsides quickly.

It sounds like you are doing it right. An overhand OK grip, where the soft tissue between thumb and forefinger is on top of the shaft and where the grip is located behind the glans after retracting the foreskin is fine. In this position the palm covers the glans. You may find that wrapping the shaft and glans where you are going to grip with a strip of t-shirt material or even using talcum powder aids the grip.

As long as you are stretching for short periods and then pushing a bit of blood through the penis, it shouldn’t cause any numbness. Mild soreness is fine but pain is not good.

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Alright, sounds and feels like I am on right track. I do a few dry jelqs every few minutes when I stretch to give my buddy some air. Also I will try out and see if a strap of cloth or talcum improves anything for me.

Thank you very much.

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