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Question about kegels

Question about kegels

Before I got into PE, I looked into Kegels and have read a good deal about them. However, I rarely feel the pumping effect unless I already have a rock hard erection. I’ve heard of people kegeling to aid in obtaining an erection, but I feel nothing. I know I am doing them right because I can squeeze my PC muscle while orgasming and fend off ejaculation. Any tips or suggestions?

Sounds like you got strong pelvic floor muscle alrady. Do you get rock had erections?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I have noticed as my muscles down there have become stronger, that when I kegel immediately after urinating(to get the last few drops out), my flaccid will immediately become a lot fuller and heavier.

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I do get rock hard erections, but I have a terribly hard time maintaining them at times. When I’m with my girlfriend, she can get me to the 8-10 EQ range. However, when I go to pull down her underwear or go down on her to get her lubricated, I often lose my erection almost immediately. It’s very strange, and has NOTHING to do with my sexual attraction towards her. She is absolutely stunning with a beautifully clean/shaven pussy. But when stimulation stops, I just lose it. When I am under the influence of marijuana, I am able to maintain rigidity much easier, but it is not very practical to have marijuana as an aid for erections. Perhaps I am not doing kegels correctly to maintain my erection while not stimulating myself.

-As a side note, I have about a 70-80% success rate at entering her semi-erect and achieving full erection, but the experience for both her and I is out of this world when I enter her already rock hard.she gushes everywhere lol.

Sounds like a psychological thing man. When you’re high, you’re probably not thinking about it and just going with the flow. When you’re not, maybe you have other things on your mind that distract you.

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