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Question about kegels, etc.

Question about kegels, etc.

Ok, so I’m starting very slow here. In my experience it’s the best way to get myself to stick to something and I really want this. Starting with EQ, I have done around 300 kegels a day, every day. So.. Newbie questions. 1)Is it normal to feel my anus flexing while I do kegels? 2)is it better to do these while erect or flaccid (I’ve been doing mainly flaccid, though I find I can hold them longer while erect)? 3)is doing kegels while urinating more/less or even at all beneficial?

My “routine” has consisted of around 300 flaccid kegels a day, and some minimal stretching (I always feel my hand slide down to the head and I feel like I’m going to rip it off so I don’t do it too often). Right now I’m just looking for improved EQ and possibly more control over how long it takes for me to ejaculate during sex.

Stats: BPEL: 5.75, EG: ~4.75

Goal: BPEL: 7.0, EG: 5.5

Notes: I have a very poor diet due to an extremely low income (we’re talking taco bell most days), and I masturbate frequently. At LEAST once a day.

Tell me what to do and I’ll make it happen.

Just remembered, I drink fairly frequently and smoke pretty heavily as well.

I just answer your 3 questions:

1) kinda yes. But you have to watch out, that you contract the PC/BC-muscle and not the anal muscle. (The best way to find out which one is the right muscle, is to stop urinating while peeing.)

2) “better”.. Doing kegels is better then not doing kegels, but I don’t think there is an big difference between doing it flaccid or erected.

3) doing kegels while urinating isn’t more effective, but therefor dangerous and can cause incontinence.

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Originally Posted by UniqueUsername
Notes: I have a very poor diet due to an extremely low income (we’re talking taco bell most days), and I masturbate frequently. At LEAST once a day.

Yet you smoke and drink heavily??! Just sayin!

:_pump: :donatecar

Originally Posted by clgp7
Yet you smoke and drink heavily??! Just sayin!

I am not trying to be your daddy here…but smoking, drinking and a Taco Bell diet is not helping anything on your body improve. Mostly your heart, which feeds your body and what we are your talking about here, your dick.

So, I will echo, “Just sayin”

That being said, I am not a cardiologist either.

Smoking is a hard habit to quit, I can’t afford to eat better (yet, I’m in trade school), and alcohol keeps me from losing my stress-filled mind. That’s really all there is to it. I’ve tried quiting smoking but it is very difficult in a household of other smokers (and a smoking girlfriend). Mostly because I cannot stand the smell of smoke or how much it burns my nose and throat after 3 or so days of not smoking.

It kills me to hear of people doing PE when they have a big dick already but not enough money to buy a Bib Hanger. Where are the priorities?!?!?!

In your case, improved EQ can come from some lifestyle changes…you have a GF…do you really need to masturbate daily??

If you can ‘t quit smoking and drinking, can you manage to just do less of it so you have a little extra money to buy good food. Fast food is cheap and easy but there are healthy options that don’t have to cost a fortune.

You can dpo a lot for yourself and your EQ without even doing PE.

Current (Sept 15, 2011) BPEL - 7.6 MSEG - 5.8

Goal 8 x 6 (preferably NBPEL)

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