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Question about jelqing

Question about jelqing

Hey, I just started jelqing two fays ago and I have a few questions. 1st I have quite a lot of hair around the base and up my penis and when I jelq it seems to just be pulling the hairs, causing discomfort, should I just shave the region to prevent this or will shaving irritate the area more? 2and When I jelq I grip at the base and as I move it at the start everything seems fine, but as I get closer to the top all the skin moves up to the head before I reach with my hands, so it doesn’t seem like it is stretching the main part of the shaft I want to enlarge. I don’t know for sure I am just curious as to whether I’m doing it right.

Thanks Super

If your pubes are a problem, cut it. It also makes your dick look bigger. For the skin moving business, I don’t think it should be much of a problem as long as a lot of blood is moving also.


The only thing important in jelqing is moving (and mainly trapping) the blood, so your penis becomes engorged well.
If your pubes irritate you, remove them.. Except when the skin in the area was already irritated to begin with. Shaving usually adds to irritation for some people (like eg. me).

Get your dick into an half-engorged state, pull the skin up in the direction of the head (as much as you can get from gently pulling) and then pick the highest spot on your dick that you jelq towards.. Then by simply holding this spot of skin, go down towards the base, grip a little tighter and jelq upwards to that same spot.. Let go a little to go back down.. Repeat ;)
This way you shouldn’t get the hair problem.. And it works pretty well for dry jelqs, too (if your BC is well-developed).


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Welcome Superdrive from another APR2007 Newbie.

I hated it when I first shaved, but I had to because the hair got in the way and hurt. I have become accustomed to shaving and now like it. I use my Panasonic Wet/Dry electric razor in the shower (with shaving cream), about every 3 or 4 days. It keeps it baby bottom smooth! I do only the balls, the base of the shaft and around the shaft, keeping most of the pubs. I have never had any irritation after shaving.

I like it best of all because it makes me look bigger! That is a good thing! :)

Ok cool ill give what you guys suggested a shot. Thanks

Hey sorry I have yet another question. Sorry. I just finished my third PEing session and after my stretches and jelqing I was still aroused and decided to finish myself off to some porn. Is that ok? Or should I have done it tomorrow and keep the two acts separate?

Haha.I usually get caught up in the same business as well. Not sure if it can be too good for your PE routine as it causes many chemical reactions that interfere with your growth. I don’t know the science behind it and if it hinders gains.just give it an hour or so before your gerkin gets a jerkin.aghh the joys of skin relief to Jenna Jamison and Catlina Cruz.

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