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Question about Jelqing

Question about Jelqing

Does it matter whether I jelq for 2 hours or 30 minutes daily? Will it still have the same effect?


Do not stress about anything, just "Live Well"

When just starting out, 30 minutes is preferable. You will likely gain with a 30 minute workout and you should stick with it until gains slow. Don’t forget to do a lot of manual stretches as well.

I understand that however, I just need to know is there indeed a difference between 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Do not stress about anything, just "Live Well"


Do you mean to ask whether you will still get gains or whether or not there is a difference in how much you will gain with 30 minutes versus 2 hours of jelqing per day?

For the most part, gains are directly proportional to the amount of work you put in. Thus the more time you dedicate to PE, the quicker you will achieve results. I believe that 2 hours of PE during one day will yield more (although, I can’t speculate as to how much more) gains than the cumulative effect of 4 days consisting of 30 minutes of PE per day. Without delving into the technicalities of this argument, I think it suffices to say the more time you dedicate to PE per day, the better (within your own limits of course).

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That sounds great.

Thank you both for your quick responses.

Thanks again

Do not stress about anything, just "Live Well"

HOWEVER, guys new to PE should not start out at 2 hours. Start with 30 minutes and work up to it over a month or six weeks. If you injure yourself, don’t say you weren’t warned. :cool:

When I started off with PE I was Jelqing for about 10 minutes the first week, 15 minutes the second week and from then on 20 minutes and I still think 20 minutes is a lot of time! At first I got a lot of broken vessels and some discolorisation so 20 minutes was way too much even after 3 weeks. I can’t even imagine Jelqing for 2 hours straight but if you decide to do it I would suggest you do light squeezes or your dick would become a battlefield!

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I agree. Two hours of jelqing is an unusually long time for that exercise. Most penises won’t tolerate it.

My hands get tired after 20 minutes. I can’t imagine going a lot longer than that.

is there any proper warming up..jelging..and stretching

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