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Question about jelqing

Question about jelqing


which method is better:

1. to use only one hand and jelqing or

2. to use both hands, one to do the milking, and the other one to wrap around the botton of penis to avoid blood “go away”?

I found some videos, but they all show different techniques.
More comfortable seems to be with one hand. but more effective?

THX + :cya:

Pumpman :wave:

Welcome Pumpman

I prefer two hands for the reason you cite.

These Comprehensive jelq instructions may be of interest to you.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.


I dont know, using 2 hands seems to be too complicated somehow.

Are there any videos around, showing 2 hand-jelqing?


Pumpman :wave:

There used to be a really good jelq video out that showed a dude with a massive prong jelqing from two different angles. In fact, there was a video for each angle.

I have no clue where it went, though. I searched our archives but can find nothing on a link. Check the internet in general.

Two hands isn’t complex and in fact you can set a rhythm doing it.


I’ve noticed when you jelq, with your right hand for example, you tend to pull more to the right side. You want to change hands so that you a) don’t get tired, and b) don’t stretch the one lig more than the other, possibly resulting in a crooked erection. From my understanding, going in one direction is better is you already have a crooked erection.


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I find that jelqing overhand is easier for the two handed technique.

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