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Question about jelcing

Question about jelcing

So I started jelcing a month ago, and have noticed the last two sessions that the tip of my penis head has a red spot on it during jelcing. After noticing it the first time I had a normal off day (I do 2 on 1 off currently) and it went back to normal. Did another session yesterday and noticed the red spot come back, and it is still there in a more minor form today. The following is what I currently do:

10 mins warm up with heat pad
Stretches to the left, right, up, down, doing helicopters in between sets along with kegals.
Jelc routine: 30 jelcs okay grip, 20 jelcs over hand grip, 10 jelcs okay grip, 30 vgrip jelcs - I do 3 sets at these numbers
10 mins warm down with heat pad

I have seen the injury thread and it mentioned red spots, are these what I am experiencing? And is sit as simple as using the wrapping method?

Thanks guys.

No one has experienced this?

Put ‘red spots head’ into the search engine under advanced search and select ‘show posts’. There are a few threads on this. Yes, that is what you are experiencing.

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