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Question about Hot Towel warm up method

Question about Hot Towel warm up method

I have a question about this method of warming up. Are you supposed to warm up the towel just once and keep it on your penis for the whole 15 minutes? Or should you warm it up then apply it to your penis then when you feel it’s not as warm you re-heat it and put it back on and keep this up for the whole time.

Thanks in advance.

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When I use a hot towel I keep warming it back up once it starts to cool of a bit. It gets kind of annoying so I think I am going to try something else, not sure what though.


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You reheat the towel once the heat has faded.

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Let me introduce you to the rice sock. Fill a sock up with rice tie it at the end. Heat it on medium for 1 minute. The least last longer than 10 minutes will last through the warm up session. Be care not to burn your dick.

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Thanks Kingpole I tried the rice sock yesterday and was amazed by the way it holds in the heat it is definitely my new warm up method.

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Also recently read that longer grain rices hold the heat longer than shorter grain rices. I haven’t tried the rice sock yet though, as I am happy with the face cloth for now. (With my living situation, it’s less awkward to use the bathroom than it is to take a rice sock out of the nuker to my bedroom!) A lot of info can be found on warm-up methods and crazy creative rice socks via searching if you’d like more info NiceGuy.

The hot towel always cooled off to quickly for me. Consider either a rice sock or an infra-red lamp.

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I’ve recently changed my heating method. I use a “hot water bottle”.. I’m not sure what you call them in other countries, well it’s probably just the same but I haven’t read about it here. It’s just a thick rubber bottle (flexible) that you put hot water in (obviously), usually to keep you warm in bed. I just fill it up with just boiled water to about 40% capacity so it is quite flexible, so it will fit between my legs real nice. It’s VERY hot to start with, so I have to use a towel first, but after 10 mins or so it will cool down to a bearable temp. It usually retains the heat (as much heat as a rice sock or something) for roughly 30 mins. I like it because it’s flexible, high temperature (and for long) and it is very easy to set-up.

Yep, add that to the list of easy to use and stays hot!

Originally Posted by Gladiator1
I use a hot water bottle it works great!

Most effective heating method?

Originally Posted by majormalfunctio
1) Take a hot water bottle, and stick the kettle on.

Comfortable Heating Method

Originally Posted by psychotic
I use a hot water bottle, just heat up a kettle of water and tip in!

Not living alone: How do I warm up

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I always prefer the infra red lamp myself. Set it up on something to shine comfortably on your penis while you workout. Gets it warmed up and keeps it warm without having to stop your workout.

Rice all the way. I hated standing in front of the sink and having to reheat the damn towel every 90 seconds.

:O I guess I’m not alone. Thanks for the quotes iamaru

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