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Question about Heat and Testosterone Levels

Question about Heat and Testosterone Levels

I’ve read many places now, including here on Thunders, that high levels of heat around the testicles can reduce testosterone/sperm production (meaning things like hot tubs, saunas, even tight briefs and things of that nature). Considering that many of us here on Thunders warm up a significant amount and continue to use heat lamps or something of that nature throughout our routine, is it possible that this amount of heat could be enough to reduce testosterone/sperm production? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m just curious. Thanks guys!

Yes it is true, anything over 97 degrees farenheit can destroy sperm cells and lower testosterone, tight under garments restrict your testicles sack from relaxing and elongating to regulate temperature. However, process is not indefinite your body keep producing semen and recycling old cells all the time, refreshing all sperm cells every 70 days. Unless child conception is an issue you have nothing to worry about so long you keep your testicles out of the hot water, avoid over penis pumping, and stay away from ball stretching.

I disagree with the premise that heat destroys testosterone. Heat interferes with the production of sperm, but it does not interfere with testosterone levels

For example, here’s a line from a study on Pubmed:”Motility, morphology, pH, and testosterone were not significantly associated with temperature.”

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