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Question about hanging-stretching and ligaments

Question about hanging-stretching and ligaments

Are the hanging and stretching technics suppose to stretch the ligament (so let it longer) or just pull out the hided part of it?

I try to explain myself better.
A friend of mine is doing PE since 2006 and he gained 1.5 inches, some from manual PE, some from the extender.

He told me he thinks he gained almost an inch just from stretching and extender.
He planned to have the plastic surgery to get another inch.

My question is: if he’s been doing PE for 4 years can he really get some more from plastic surgery?
I’m not talking about ethic or if it’s the right thing to do. Just wonder if he can really have gains.

Btw I’m talking of course of the surgery for lenght not for girth

I can’t believe anyone would consider getting surgery after already gaining 1.5 inches. He could probably get more from PE exercises.

But to answer you question if he’s gotten his gains from ligament stretching that would be there would be a lot less that can be gotten out of them. PE surgery’s involve the ligaments being snipped then wearing an ADS to keep them elongated. If he’s already elongated them naturally I doubt surgery would help much. Usually surgery only gives 0.25-0.5 inches any way.

Tell him to stick with PE exercises.

So you’re sayng with the ADS you don’t stretch the ligament but you just pull out the hided part?

Example: if the ligament it’s in total 7 inches, 1 hided, with the ADS you can achieve at most the inch?

Don’t you stretch also the entire ligament? If you stretch the 6 outer inches is there any chance you can increase the 6 inches in 7inches and let the inner part get out to achieve 8 inches? (just an example)

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