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Question about hair


Question about hair

I’ve been lurking for awhile and haven’t started.

I was curious is it hard to do with hair on the shaft?
I’ve been noticing that I’ve been growing some hair on the shaft near the base it it kinda scares me as I can imagine it’s not a terribly good thing.

I’ve been reading that you can probably pluck it, so I may do it slowly, due to the pain probably.

However I was wondering if it would hurt or have some discomfort because there is hair there.

Ps tried a search and got nothing.

It may be uncomfortable to jelq if you have hairs too high up the shaft. I have a few around the underside of the base, and I just trim them with small scissors. No way I’m plucking them. Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

I pluck all hairs from shaft with tweezers. It makes outstanding results. It is a little painful but nothing you cannot stand. It is good to support skin near the hair when you pluck it. It is much easier so.

Why don’t you simply try it with the hair? Don’t wait for the perfect fact set to begin your PE journey- it’ll never arrive.

I have moderate hair almost halfway up and it has never been an issue with either wet or dry jelqing.

On the other hand, every time I fuck with my shaft hair I get an ingrown/ infection that takes me out of the game altogether for ~4-6 weeks, including sex as it looks like my dick’s gonna fall off.

Beware of even trimming too close.

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I too am a hairy bastard! I used a beard trimmer and cropped them close. If you’re careful, you can shave them without a guard.

Good luck.

I pluck. No pain, no gain. ;) (in this case at least)

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

I like to keep well groomed, and thus I also recommend tweezing. At first I swore that I would never be able to stand the pain, but now I can tweeze almost anywhere. It smarts the first time or two a hair is plucked, but after several cycles, the hair grows back very thin, and plucks easily with hardly any pain. After about eight years of plucking, the hair will not grow back.

The only downsides to tweezing (besides some initial pain), is the extra grooming time (which is compensated for because the hair will now take a month to grow back), and once the hair is fine enough, they are much harder to see (tweeze in full sunlight or near a halogen lamp to see the silvery hairs).

If the pain bothers you, first try plucking as many hairs as you can tolerate, then shave the rest. Repeat this process for several months until most of the hair is fine enough to pluck with minimal pain.

I agree with rockwood. Plucking always brought tears to my eyes as well. I mostly shave now, but I still will pluck the occasional stray shaft hair. Just be sure to take your time and go slow. Nothing is worse than bleeding shaft or scrotum skin!

My girlfriend at (not —> @) the time did the deed the first time for me, started by using a set of hair clippers with the sequentially closer attachments, scissors and eventually a twin blade razor to get through the jungle. She was pretty gentle and took her time. If you don’t have the luxury of your own hair stylist to do it for you, just set aside some time on the weekend and do it yourself. Shave the area smooth, be careful and stretch your scrotum and penis tight like you do the side of your face and neck when shaving those areas. It’s no more painfull than shaving after letting your beard grow out for a few weeks anyway. It’s like mowing the yard after it’s grown for several weeks during the summer, if you try to take it all off in one clump, it’s bound to be a nightmare. Take it off in layers and work down to the bare skin. It takes longer than other body hair to grow back, well, at least it seems like it.

Wow! I never realized so many people pluck. I’ve been turned of from plucking, because the one time I tried it was painful and left some blood droplets. I usually shave, but then I get some skin irritations. I think I’ll try plucking once the hair grows back some. Oh yeah, is there still the chance of ingrown hairs when plucking? I guess I’ve always been scared of that too.

Shaving is the way to go for me, even minor nicks, don’t bleed like your neck or face. They don’t even hurt that much, paper cuts are more painful.

Man didn’t realize that many people plucked either.

Sad thing is I ain’t a hairy bastard, I’d probably have to shave my shaft more than my face haha.

Good to hear people had success with it, I was contemplating doing a shave with tons of shaving cream, I’ve tried a trimmer and it wasn’t fun.

Looks like I’ll probably just shave all my pubes so it’s easier for me to get all of it instead of going through the jungle to pick out a flower.

For what it is worth, I bought one of those new Gillette Fusion razors the other day. Man, that thing is a monster. It is so heavy, you have to apply very little force for a close shave. I haven’t been brave enough to try it on the scrotum yet. The old Mach III does a pretty good job there.

I used to pluck them. On the underside near the testicles got a little sensitive but I found the shaft to be fairly pain free. But I do have a high pain threshold.

I bought a Lazer hair remover - kills the root and no more hair. It is working but that does smart a bit.

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