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Question about hair


“I was contemplating doing a shave with tons of shaving cream, I’ve tried a trimmer and it wasn’t fun.”

Too much shaving cream is just as bad as going at it with electric hair clippers or beard trimmers. You’re doing the job blind to see your skin and whether it’s taught enough to apply a razor. For the most part, the shaving cream may still be too slick and you may lose your grip, which could be just as tragic as doing it blindly. Take it slow and easy, before you know it you’ll be smooth and hairless. It’s not a quick process and nor do you want to be in any hurry either.

.Yeah be careful with the shaving cream.

I just wanted to follow up to my last post. I plucked 2 days ago. I’m very happy with the results. The skin is so smooth and free of any signs of hair.well, except for a few bumps on the side. If I would have shaved, there would be stubble already. The pain was tolerable, but it did take about 35 minutes to pluck all the hair from my shaft. I notice in a lot of places there was more than one hair growing from the follicle. In those cases I found it best to do one at a time.go easy. I think I’m going to be a plucker from now on. Even if I have to do it once a week, I find the end result much better. What’s 40 minutes out of my week anyway. I’ll just cut into my sleep time a bit.

Tried it both with and without hair, found it a lot easier with no hair.

Was kinda trimmed on pelvic area with scissors (not a crazy bush, but not bare), and long but sparse hairs on shaft up to about halfway (these I left untrimmed, impossible to cut without freaking me out)
- The hair made exercises painful if the lube went out, and hairs got caught, so I decided to try shaving it.

To shave it, I used a electric buzzer, zero guard. Wrapped the hairs with a wet hot wrap first, and it made it a lot easier. Also able to get the hairs on the shaft without too much stress. Didn’t hurt at all, surprisingly, but now I’m worried about ingrown hairs. I found PEing a lot easier though for me, in starting motions at the base as well as not tugging up skin and hair by accident.

I use Nair for Men to get rid of my hair. It’s easy to do and it doesn’t take very long, but it costs 5 dollars a bottle so it can get expensive, but it is an easy way to get it done.

Shaving also can cause a lot of problems especially if you don’t take extra special care in shaving your sac, I don’t even want to think about it.

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Just for the sake of journaling my about 16 days most of the hair on my shaft, that I plucked, has grown back to a length that is once again pluck-able. I experienced 3-5 ingrown hairs, but they weren’t bad. I have re-plucked and enjoy the results. I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m hoping that continuing to do this will weaken the root system and make the hairs weaker and thinner. I don’t know if that’s how it works, but I’m hoping. It also seemed to me that the second round of plucking was a lot easier than the first.

On another note, I still have no PE routine.I’m still in the research phase and almost ready to commit to a schedule.

Rock it!

I use mach3 turbo for shaving, when I’m taking a shower. At first when I shaved with very sharp blades, it got me bleeding like hell. But now I noticed that using blades that are not sharp anymore, it gets me even better results and it leaves my skin alone. I’m always shaving against the hair and because the blade is not sharp, it’s not hurting my skin at all. I can do my balls and shaft really quickly and the results are very smooth. No problems at all.

I don’t understand how some people can just shave it - it leaves stubble and grows back almost instantly lol.

I have LOTS of hair on my dick, going all the way up to the glans for some reason - I pluck every single hair but can never do it in one go, I attack them daily otherwise there is too many and I can’t keep up with them. As for the pain, it gets much easier after you get used to it and it toughens you up a bit lol. When you pluck the hair, they stay away for much much longer.

I’m a wuss when it comes to pain in that region, so I shave but when it gets itchy I just shave again.

I’ve found that if I don’t shave in creases it’s a bearable itch just lol.


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