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Question about Fowfer

Question about Fowfer

Does this just increase flaccid length?

I am not as much interested in flaccid length as erect length, but from reading the FAQ, it sounds like it’s mainly for flaccid length.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like both, but am most interested in getting erect length increases.

I do piss pulls now during the day, trying to loosen and stretch.

I have always tended to shrink up pretty small when flaccid. My balls also pull up tight and wondered what I can do about that also. I’ve been stretching the skin on them during the day, but so far doesn’t seem to be making any lasting difference.

Since I’ve been doing PE in the past 1 1/2 months I have gotten some girth increases and last night noticed that my penis seems to be changing for the better. It’s hard to describe, but it has a different, much firmer feel. More like rubber or something.

I like it!

Anything that increases flaccid length permenantly will also increase erect length. Though I think most PE’ers change the ratio between flaccid and erect (becoming showers rather than growers) this only goes so far.

Hi Memento,

Thanks for responding so fast. Would you recommend this exercise, then?

Thanks in advance

A lot of people use this successfully. I don’t use it but I think its a good idea.

Hello dav.Ive been using the fowfer for a while now.I use it in the routine i have going now(posted in the routines forum)Going by feel it sure as hell stretches the ligs out!!!I will tell you about the lenght gains when i mesure again for 1 month in my routine.But i think i see some gains already.Its great that you can sit back and relax,smoke a butt or do whatever while at the same time getting a hell of a can even adjust pressure by leaning back sitting up etc…

Good luck in trying (dont do unless you have over a month of PE down).

Oh and remember to slap it around to get blood going again after each set.

Thanks for responding retsnom,

I appreciate the info. I’ve been learning more in the past week since I found this site than in the month before when all I knew was the info on It was in a post from their forum, which doesn’t appear to have much activity, that someone posted a message with the link to here.

I plan to incorporate the fowfer in my daily work as I need to stretch the ligs and I havn’t gotten to using weights, yet. I am on a two day rest period now, but after reading some posts decided to still do some stretching on my days off, just no jelqing or PC’s. Does anybody have any thought about strecthing on your days off?

Thanks in advance

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