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Question about "feeling" during jelqing and after effects

Question about "feeling" during jelqing and after effects

Hello all.

During your jelqing exercise how much pressure should be felt during the stroke? I can visually see the blood engorgement but there isn’t a great amount of pressure there. I just want to make sure I’m not under doing it. I’m putting a fairly tight grip, and being that my girth is fairly low, I don’t want to damage the “tubing” inside the penis.

Another question I have is that I’ve read that after jelqing the hang should be different for hours. I don’t’ notice this all that much besides a possible fullness factor. This doesn’t in itself bother me, but I’d like to know if this should be an indicator that something is being done incorrectly.

I’m starting out 6x4.125 and girth is my main goal, but I see that length gains are easier with less girth, so I suppose that’s where I should start.

Lastly, what is the best device to use for measurement? For BP it would seem a ruler? Girth would seem to be some sort of tape.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I’ll try and do my best to answer your questions since girth is my main goal right now as well.

First off, concentrating on length first is better because its easier to lengthen a less girthy penis. Girth can come at a later date or as part of lengthening exercises initially.

For measuring, go to the local drug store and pick up a waiste measuring tape. They’re the best for measuring girth as you can simply wrap it around and get exact measurements.

Your flaccid hang will change and hang better for longer as you perfect the exercise and as your dick becomes more conditioned. The longer you do it for, generally the better and longer lasting the good hang.

You should feel a decent amount of pressure, see good expansion, but not feel any pain. Pressure is good, so you can go relatively forcefully, but if you feel pain, cut it back. Also, make sure you’re doing it at a 40-70% errection level. Jelqing at too high of an errection level can hurt you.

Hope that answers your questions.


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Currently (as of 04/3/09): 8.50" BPEL, 7.6" NBPEL, 5.7"EG, (5.5"-7" varying) FL, 4.75" FG, Height: 6'1", Weight: 175 lbs. (final semester of Computer Science > Gym :( )

Goals (in the next 6 months): 8.60" BPEL, 7.8" NBPEL, 6" EG, 7" FL, 5" FG, (still hopefully 6'1"), Weight: 200 lbs.

I am still in the newbie routine phase, but house_md hit the nail on the head. I can tell when I am having a good session because I can feel the rush of blood being forced through the chambers. If not I adjust the pressure and stroke duration, which is the great part about manual PE.

From what I have gathered you want to use enough force that you feel uncomfortable when jelqing, but not so much that it is painful. To grow we have to get out of our comfort zones.

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Plan: thousands of hours in the X4 extender + manual stretches

Thanks for the replies : )

I don’t have a problem with the erection level being too high, it’s actually the opposite. I feel like I’m having to stop and readjust too often. For personal reasons I don’t like watching porn so it’s kind of hard to keep it going. After say two weeks or so of the newbie routine, are there any specific things to start doing in regards to girth gains? I wanted to start out with the “starter kit” and try to get used to it, but I know that hitting something like this with the correct techniques from the beginning is important.

Again, thanks for the info.

You are supposed to do a basic routin, like the newbie routine, for at least three months, learning correct technique and progressing on time and intensity a bit week after week.

Ok, that I can do. : )

After that, if your gains will not be appreciable, you can consider trying something else. Many find a manual basic routine the way to go for their whole PE career.


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