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Question about erection

Question about erection

Hi, I have a question

After my penis is erect and I ejaculate I always feel the rush of blood returning to my head. Is this normal

The size of my dick is 22 cm in length and 13 centimeters in girth

Maybe it has to do with the size because it requires more blood to fill it than a normal penis

I feel it all the time regardless of being smaller than you.

Nice stats though! Why the hell would you PE if you are already that well hung?

Originally Posted by House MD
Why the hell would you PE if you are already that well hung?

It’s just prove that us men are greedy. It doesn’t matter how big it is.we still want more!

But this is normal???, whats the cause of this???

I think its normal. But focus on girth only if you PE, cause I have a 16 cm penis and its 13 cm in girth also, and I think my looks thin.

anybody has this problem also?

As I said, I feel that too, and it is a big part of the pleasure in the orgasm IMO.

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