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Question about EQ.

Question about EQ.

This is a simple question about EQ. I have been doing mostly girth work lately and I don’t think I am over doing it 1x10 minute clamp at 7:00am with only 40 jelqs after. In the afternoon 4:30pm I do 1x10 clamp with 40 jelq after again. In the night 10:30pm I am doing 1x10 clamp followed by 40 jelqs then a 20 minute pump at 3hg before bed.

I have been having sup par EQ I can get semi hard easy but it takes a bit of time to get harder and still not 100%. I eventually get the CC’s pretty hard but the CS is soft and the head softer than normal. Well I have taken a week break from any PE and I decided hell why not go back to hanging as before I started girth only PE I was having great EQ with just hanging/jelqing in the day and pumping at night. I am on my second day of Hanging again and my EQ seems back to normal near 100% hard.

I have not had too much night wood while I did the girth only routine which I did for a month and last night I had night wood. I guess my question is in two parts. One is clamping 3x10 sets a day split overdoing it because it felt great.
Second part is how can it be hanging aids me in EQ while clamping seems to affect it more I thought hanging killed EQ it never killed my EQ like clamping did I guess after all these years I still am learing man this is like a science which its near impossible to perfect. I had super good EQ all the time I was hanging this throws me off Thanks for reading.

Try doing 3x5 minutes instead of 3x10 minutes of clamping and see how you react to that?

I hang, pump and jelq and my EQ is better than before I did hanging and pumping. I also recall my EQ was very good when I clamped (I worked my way up from 3x5 minutes to 3x10 minutes, increasing set duration by 1 minute every week).

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

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