Question about effects of PE and kegels

PE and the lot is fascinating to me. I am only 18 and stumbled upon this website (first post!).

I found out about kegels in 10th grade around age 16. I started doing them at the end of February for a week before track started the next Monday at the beginning of March. On the first day of track, I forgot something at home and had to get it. Since I live close to my school, I went home and decided to run back and do a workout.

On my way back to school (one mile probably), I started running down one of the many hills in the area. My penis started to jostle around, and I become somewhat erect. My penis felt overly sensitive from the kegels I had been doing. As I got closer to school, I was still having problems with my boner. I got to the sidewalk outside the school and started to walk, trying to pull my long-sleeved shirt over my boner to contain it some. I got the crap scared out of me and turned quickly to go inside to the gym when I saw a girl I knew to the right 100 feet away (it was protruding obviously in athletic shorts).

Thankfully none of my track mates or a coach were inside, and I soon decided to leave. Going down a steep hill after leaving school, my boner was back. I came extremely close to ejaculating going downhill with my erection going back and forth. Anyway, I did make it home with hopefully no one noticing the protrusion from my body.

That was a scary incident for me, and I have maybe tried kegels twice since then. I can tell you other stories in junior high through high school where I have gone places on vacation or wherever and have had trouble (with erections) such as when we went to Lake Tahoe, CA and I had wet dreams maybe 3 times on the trip (my brother and I shared a queen-sized, and the one time was on Sunday before church when I needed to put on dress pants). My experiences have been that even masturbating gives me problems where the next 24 hours are terrible (read: not so much now that I am older) because I am much more likely to get spontaneous erections.

In my first year of college and 18, I don’t have the same problems and can get off without much trouble during the following period of time (and have done so in the middle of runs in a park for fun =\), though I definitely get my share of boners still. They are much more controllable, and I can jack off without having to worry about erections for the next day like in high school. In high school, I would wake up 30 minutes before going to school. I never go to the bathroom at night, so my bladder is full in the morning and my penis is in some discomfort usually from being so hard. Even after emptying my bladder when I woke up, leaving 1st period was miserable as I tried to shield my consistent morning boner with my books (yes, I know the trick many use tucking it up, but it still would show). My theory is your penis is like a balloon, and it takes some time to mellow completely after intense pressure from morning wood or masturbating.

I tried in the last 6 months to do some kegels, but things didn’t work out well even at 18 where I have better control and much fewer problems. I had that feeling of my EQ being TOO good. I don’t want to put on pants and start to get erect some and not be able to control it or being sitting in a car and lose control easily going over a couple bumps. I am moreover worried what kegels combined with something like jelqing will do. It sounds like fun to make yourself larger, but I can’t deal with having no control over boners (so when I am harder / have better EQ from exercise they will be worse).

My understanding is you stretch / hang (basically pulling some of the base out of your body) to gain length and can also gain length in the tunica, the part sticking out of you naturally. My problem is I want to be able to exercise and not have a mega boner more often than I did when I was 15, and now it will be really bad with so much exercise. By pulling some of yourself further out of your body, it seems you would have a pretty massive flaccid hang as well.

So, how do you all cope with this sort of stuff? I am at the point where my erections are still quite firm but they are manageable, but I don’t want to visit 2-3 years ago when I had some serious problems controlling boners. Do you exercise? I want to be able to put on running shorts (soccer shorts of medium length which don’t fit tightly) and not have a noticeable mass (flaccid hang). You read my story with kegels; I don’t want to start running down a hill and ejaculate. I really don’t know how I can make this work.