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Question about days off.


a-unit: I’m actually a sucker for Luther (Or rather some of his followers, like Laestadius). Not that I’m a believer - I’m about as atheist as they come - I just find Luther so elegant. Before he turned bitter and anti-Semite, that is.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, if you can handle 5 days on 2 off, go for it! I wish I could, actually. It’s a lot easier for me to not fall out of working out if I can do it as often as possible. Make it a routine, like eating breakfast is a routine, you know. Just something you do, not something you have to remember to do. Which is why I actually do my ‘real’ work out every day. Fitting three days a week into that… I need better scheduling.

Originally Posted by AllAboutGirth
What is our routine? And the freq.?

Do you kegel?

Remember that a decrease in EQ is a negative PI ( physiological Indicator)

Try and take it easier on your unit, or if it’s really scaring you, take a month off and come back :)
Slow and steady man, you don’t need alot of pressure to increase girth and you don’t need alot of stretching to increase length at first.
You need to think that when our doing PE it’s for a HEALTHIER penis firstly, with any gains being a bonus :)

That’s with me, I always start slowly, but lack of consistency keeps me away from some measurable gains, I always had improved EQ, size gains would be just a nice bonus!


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