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Question about curve

Question about curve

Hi, new here (first post).

My dick is curved a lot, in two ways.

First way is that it is bowed (if you looked from the side).

Second way is that if you were looking straight at it (like it could jab you in the eye), it goes up and to (my) left.

I think this might have been caused by masturbating in a certain way (always with right hand). Also, I am not circumsized (or the skin covers the head mostly when soft).

I was wondering how this will affect everything (for jelqing, anyway). Does anyone know how to straighten out my dick?

Oh, when I masturbate, I always move the foreskin, like up over the head mostly then back down: I’ve never needed lube this way, but my foreskin rarely gets tight now when I’m erect. That means I have to pull it back with an OK sign or else it gets loose, even when fully erect.

How will all of this affect me?


Edit: I can only really see the curve (both bow and up to the left) when I’m erect.

You question is rather vague, “How will this affect me?” One could ask you in return, How is it affecting you now? If it is not, then why do you think it is a problem?

Are you concerned about how it affects having sex? Only a woman can answer that I think. Some guys have said that an upward curve is good for their sex life because it stimulates the upper wall of the vagina where the G spot is.

You shouldn’t jelq while erect so the curve should not be an issue for that. Anyway just jelq against the curve to stretch more on the curved side.

I have a slight curve to the left also, that I believe I created from masturbation in my early teens. I used to be straight when I was young. After a couple years of using my right hand, one day I looked down and was surprised to see a curve. I’ve been trying to work it out by doing erect bends during my workouts, and stretching more on that side. I also pump a lot, so maybe being stretched out it a straight tube helps also. It appears after a couple years of PE that the curve is less, but it is hard to tell in such a long period of time.

Okay, to clear some things up:

What I want to know is - will I have to change the newbie routine because of my curve, and, how can I fix the curve?

By the “curve” I mean to the left. It is about 20-35 degrees, so it’s not ‘sort of curved to the left’. Also, the curves starts at about 1/3 of the way up, not at the base.

I am also 18 and a virgin, so I can’t say anything about the effect on the ladies.

Edit: What is meant by ‘against the curve’ ?

Against the curve, if your penis curves to the left, jelq to the right or vise versa.

What you want to do is stretch the tissues on the curve or concave side and ‘contract’ the tissues on the convex side. Hypothesis is you should be able to straighten it out.

Hope that helped.

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Okay, but what do you mean by ‘jelt to the right’? I didn’t know you could do a left/right direction, or how.

Thanks for replying, btw.

Why not make yourself a stretching device that can be used to stretch one side more than the other ? Sort of correct the curve over a period of time. Other than that it may be necessary to buy a ( very expensive ) commercially produced stretching device. ZZferret.

I started to have that same problem, i noticed my penis was starting to curve a bit when i was like 15 i think…i had always used my right hand when rubbing one off but i noticed i started to get a curve so I started using my left hand and it took a while to get used to it but thats the only hand i use now really, im a righty and i rub one off with my left (im 18).

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it has nothing to do with masturbation. Doesn’t matter if your left or right handed the statistics on some sites (too lazy to dig at the moment) show equal percentages for both handed people. It’s genetics

I curve left and up, it really doesn’t matter, curving up is good. And also, I have managed to straighten my penis out by simply jelqing right every so often.

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My Starting Stats July 11, 2005 NBPEL: 6.05 EG: 5.25 NBPFL: 4.15 FG: 4.60 My Goal: NBPEL: 7.00 EG: 6.00

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One of the guys is gonna have to answer on how to jelq to the opposite direction, but I know it can be done.

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I covered this clearly :p Look for my answer on it, it was pretty recent.

Hey thunder, can I make an article on this? lol.

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