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Question about BTC stretching

Question about BTC stretching

BTC stretching seems promising, as it can be done for long periods of time, but I was just wondering if a person should stretch their penis to one side, or else how does one stop the nuts from getting in the way? Also, how far should a person try to pull their penis back?

No suggestions or reccomendations?

Usually, one nut goes on each side. The penis lies in between the nuts.

On the assumption that you are new to PE, the newbie routine is really where it’s at. Hanging requires some conditioning and should not be attempted until you have at least a couple of months of good old jelqing and stretching under your belt.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I don’t know, but am I the only one who think the btc stretch is gay. Not only is it fruity to stick your own cock in your ass, but I don’t know how it is done by guys.guys who have testicles that is. No way I could do it, my nuts get in the way. Sorry for the negativeness guys, I’m just having a bad stay out of my but seriously.gotta ad mitt .you thought the same thing, it’s kinda gay.



You have been warned several times already, now don’t make me come in there cause you won’t like the effect.

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BTC stretches, BTT stretches I swear by. I will put it simple, it’s like stretching, but instead of using your hands, use the inside of your thighs. Move around till you are comfortable and you can get such a more intense stretch than using your hands!

largman you think everything is gay. Maybe your too cool for us? Or maybe you are gay yourself? Whatever man, learn how to type!


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Thanks for the info. The reason why I said this looked like a good stretch was that it left the hands free and could be done for longer periods of time, not for any other reason.

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