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Question about BPEL

Question about BPEL

Hi guys,
I would like to know if, when you have almost 1” of difference between BPEL and NBPEL (fat pad), it systematically means , in a perfect world, where you get fit and lose all your fat, that your unit can be 1 inch longer, or, at least, get HALF of that invisible inch ?

Please, guys, if some of you have gained some length by losing weight(the famous fat pad) only (no PE or just a little), I’d like to hear from you. It would mean that doing some sport to lose all the fat is as important as PE.

Another question, I realized my hair(head) grows really slowly, like one inch in 6 months, while, around me, colleagues,friends,parents, every 2 months, they look like a lion, and have to cut it.
I’m 32, and I’ve lost like 15-20% of my hair, on the top(front).
Do you think my hair growth is normal? Or maybe there are some hormones at the lowest level, and I need some drugs,vitamins,etc ?
I ask this, because if It’s an hormonal thing, by correcting it, I could somehow enhance my PE sessions, and get better results.
I started PE a couple of months ago, and after reading hundreds and hundreds of threads, I realize that there are so many things and factors that can influence gains, that maybe even a minor hormonal problem could as well have some influence. This hormones idea may look totally stupid for you, but I really think my hair growing slowly may denote some ‘global’ troubles on my body. And in the quest for gaining some length or/and girth, once we start PE, and for the next months, years or decades where we’ll be stretching our dick, we’d rather have a 100% functional and healthy body than a KO’d one, right?

Thanks for reading.

You can lose weight and add length by decreasing you fat pad. But, that area is really hard to reduce fat unless you are overweight or obese you may have to get into single digit bodyfat percentages. Your hair can be from so many different factors to pin point one would be difficult you could start with basic things like better shampoos,vitamins, or better diet to see if that works. Then if it don’t check into blood work and medical. Good luck

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