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Question about BPEL AND NBPEL

Question about BPEL AND NBPEL

Okay so say in two years I gain 2”BPEL, does that mean I will have also gained 2”NBPEL?

Unless you gained a lot of weight, I believe so.

March 7th/2012 BPEL: 6.7 EG:4.6 June 4/13 BPEL 7.00 NBPEL 6.4 EG: 4.6

Short term goal: 7.0 NBPEL EG: 4.75

Coming back from a year long layoff.

Whats the abbreviation for NBPEL? Couldnt find it

Or unless you have lost a lot of weight.

09/02/12: BPEL 16,5 - MSEG 13,5

04/02/15: BPEL 19,5 - MSEG 15.5

Goal......: No limits :D Click my photos

Depends on whether you ate a salty snack that day. That would cause you to retain water.

NBPEL = measuring your fat pad.

BPEL = measuring your penis

You want to measure your penis to track PE.

Originally Posted by dosunix24
Whats the abbreviation for NBPEL? Couldnt find it

Hover your mouse-cursor over NBPEL in this sentence for a few seconds and all will be revealed.

This is true of all the abbreviations on Thundersplace. BPEL etc etc. Hover your your mouse-cursor over an abbreviation, the definition will appear in a pop-up.

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