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Question about babbis' routine

Question about babbis' routine

I’m confused with his routine. You do PE for like 18 days then do nothing for a month? I went a month without doing PE and I lost gains. I don’t see how his routine could produce results from doing nothing. It seems that it is not enough work. I understand, however, that many people have gained from this. Anyone care to explain?

In Babbis’ theory most PEers or at least new PEers are overworking their penis, and they can gain easier and quicker gains using less repetitions, less amount of times during the crucial time where you penis isn’t conditioned yet. It seems like with every other place on your body, the more often you stress it, you’re going to build conditioning against it, and with the penis that means harder gains. The one month detox the routine uses is to give your penis a rest so that it can become unconditioned again, meaning less work for you.

The actual routine is slower paced so you cement your gains throughout, plus there’s a one week cementing phase after the first 18-day set. Alot of comments about all this are listed on his routine thread in the Member’s Pic’s thread.

I can one say the gains are real, and hopefully I’ll be able to cement them, I’m just starting my detox month.

Yup, newbie gains is where it’s at.

I personally gained 1cm (0.397”) from the first 18 days of babbis’ routine. I am currently on my second cycle and it is going swimmingly.

But isn’t his routine basically the newbie routine, exercise wise? Well since I just started gaining again from a routine used by Bird2, I’ll use that up before I try Babbis’ routine. Thanks for the answers guys

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