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Question about anglegrip and erection consistancy

Question about anglegrip and erection consistancy

My unit doesn’t point horizontally when erect but more at an upward angle. When jelqing should I be pulling it down to be horizontal or leave it as it is? Also would it be better to do it standing or sitting?

I seem to have trouble (or maybe it’s all in my head) maintaining a consistent grip between both hands. Any suggestions on how to make sure one isn’t harder than the other? (Stupid question I know).

Lastly sometimes it seems like I’m losing my erection so I keep a playboy near by. Is it ok to stop the exercises for a few seconds while it gets back to it’s correct hardness?


I’m pretty new too so I will only answer the last question.

Yes it’s fine to stop and regain your erection.

I think it’s a good idea stroking at different angles when jelqing, exactly like ones do when stretching. If one of your hands is stronger, do more strokes with the other one, in example.

Stopping to regain an erection is what most of PEers do.


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