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Question about 50-70% erection during jelq.

Question about 50-70% erection during jelq.

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice. I have a habit of trying to jelq with a higher erect strength than I guess is recommended (sometimes 90%+). It just seems that when I am truly around 50-70% I tend to grip harder because the blood feels like it is escaping (sort of a “gushing” feeling I guess you can say). It’s a weird feeling, but I just feel some blood leaving the penis about mid shaft through a stroke. Alot of times though, even gripping hard when 50-70% I still have blood escaping. Could it be because of the forced blood into the head is pressed back outwards? I put pressure on the CC the most while jelqing (the sides).

Has anybody else experienced this? Maybe if I lighten up the pressure even when 50-70%, or is this completely normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ok, I think I can describe the feeling.

It’s similar to when kegeling, so I guess the feeling I’m getting is blood being pressed into the shaft, but since it can only hold so much, some of it is being shot back out? Is this a good thing, or is the blood supposed to be trapped completely during a jelq?

Sometimes what I like to do is Kegel at the very end of each stroke. It ensures that I am getting blood into the shaft every stroke, plus it feels good. I think if the blood stayed completely trapped then it would be more like clamping. Not completely sure though.

That’s great advice Stripeswipe, thank you. So I guess it is normal then that blood is escaping while jelqing?

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