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Quarterly Donation Drive ?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Guys the 34 cent thing is just a joke. Every Paypal transaction results in a 34 cent fee and a percentage of the donation being deducted. It was just that the .34 was more noticeable on a 1.11 donation. Not that there is anything wrong with a 1.11 donation though.

We know is a joke, Thunder! But it just seems so much more elegant to tack on x+.34, where x is the amount you wanted to give Thunder’s Place, and not a penny less!

(That said, I do not begrudge Paypal for a .34 charge… seems pretty reasonable to me, for the service they provide. Mind you, now that I am curious I am going to look into how much they charge using the Information Superhighway… there is probably some sort of “sliding rule %”, and .34 is merely the minimum, based on what Thunder just said above…)

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OK, thanks to the commander, I pulled my head out of my ass and checked the actual charges for Paypal. They charge .30 per transaction, not .34 like I stated above. The .34 was the .30 transaction, plus the 2.9% of 1.11 donation.

My bad gents.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

This will be my last post here (don’t wanna hijack)… For the neurotically challenged like myself, who want to donate a certain amount and not a penny less, here are some donations plus “kickers” for varying amounts through Paypal:

Bold = actual amount required to hit the figure on the left…
$1….$1.33 [where $1.00 x 1.029 + .30 = 1.329, or $1.33 USD]

In other words, to donate a solid $5 using Paypal, you actually need to put $5.45 as the amount.

I hope this is right. My math ain’t as good as me mouth, I’m afraid.

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Didn’t mean to start anything, I was just being a smart ass. :) Carry on!

Originally Posted by mbuc

Quarterly Donation Drive ?

Does this mean we all have to donate a quarter?

Well a quarter of a million £ would be useful.

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Well I thought an Xmas pressie would be useful.

Now I’ve made a donation as well as a subscription do I get the double header. (That Rue will be mad!)

Thanks for all the fun Boss. As well as the best site on the Web


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No Boss it doesn’t show (Damn Now that Rue won’t be jealous!)

Anyway my pleasure. And good wishes.


A Forum Subscriber made a donation? Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and his name is petitfaun! Merry Christmas, sir!

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Originally Posted by commanderblop
A Forum Subscriber made a donation? Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and his name is petitfaun! Merry Christmas, sir!

And the same to you Commander.

Oh Dear!
Now I’ll have to keep saying

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Bump, bring in the new year with a bigger dick and a donation to Thunders!

It’s a done deal. Thanks for hosting this forum, bro!!!

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