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Quality Of Length Gains- Ligs v Tunica

Quality Of Length Gains- Ligs v Tunica

OK So one thing I am not trying to do is sound picky over where an extra inch of penis comes from…

However, I had an email conversation with one of my new favorite people who despite almost 1.5” gain has never done any lig all! As an explanation he says he wants a good lig base for his soon to be huge penis and doesn’t want a lower exit point. Valid reasons certainly, and I respect the position.

Up to this point in my PE career I hadn’t even thought about it. As I currently understand things- I feel an inch is an inch, especially given my starting length. Thinking about it I can see how longer ligs could potentially destabilize the penis and lower the exit point….

What I would like is to hear from some of the other veteran PE guys who have gained length in both ways:

Do you feel that one is preferential over the other and if so why?

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I have gained almost 2” in length since July 2003. I used the Penimaster for 6 months and have hung (with the Bib Hanger) after that time. I also have Jelqed on a daily basis. So I don’t know I think my gains include both ligs and tunica, but I am guessing more ligs. But as you said, an inch is an inch.

Maybe I am wrong, but if I am understanding the LOT theory correctly can’t your friend switch to hanging for lig gains (lower angles), then switch back to stretching the tunica (upper angles) and raising his exit point back to where it is currently if he wishes, after experiencing the newfound gains from working both the ligs and tunica?

Just a thought.

Lower exit points makes it look more hung. Are you sure you don’t mean lower erection angle?

I gained .85” from lig lengthening; this lowered my exit point noticably but my 100% erections remain as high as before.

Poke- I know you can raise your LOT again but I don’t think you can raise your exit point. But then again WTF do I know? LOL

Ideal- I dunno, thats just what I seem to remember him saying.

I guess this is what I’m trying to discover- Up to this point I had simply assumed that beyond changing the exit point and possibly the erection angle gains, whether from Tunica or Lig work looked/felt exactly the same. Thoughts?

Sorry, this is a new term I have not seen before. Please explain what “exit point” means? Thanks.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

>who despite almost 1.5” gain has never done any lig all!

He has probably stretched his ligs to some degree, even if he didn’t realize it. I can’t imagine a PE routine that wouldn’t hit ligs at all.

Good topic for a thread.

I suspect gains made from lig lengthening are more likely to be permanent. I’m thinking of Jelktoid’s unusual length variances with time away from hanging. Surely his ligs aren’t contracting with time off; the shaft is.

If (relatively) tight ligs are limiting the expression of your existing shaft length, stretching them will allow the shaft to stick out further, resulting in increased length.

Not everyone begins PE in a position where they are capable of gaining from making their ligs longer, but those who are should get whatever length increase they can from ligs before turning attention to the shaft.

Originally Posted by hobby

I suspect gains made from lig lengthening are more likely to be permanent.

Wait a minute here. Aren’t ALL gains permanent if a maintenance routine is done for a couple of months?

I don’t think it is possible to change your erection angle (if it is it’s very hard to do). I’ve read a bunch of posts where people were asking about that and never got a solid answer. (I’ll go back and search again for some of them). As far as exit point, lig stretching definitly affects that a great deal more than tunica work. But as Ideal said, it gives a better hung look so I am confused as to why you wouldn’t want that. Exit point isn’t related to erection angle I don’t believe.


Originally Posted by ynarevith73
so I am confused as to why you wouldn’t want that.

You are confused. LOL I’m pursuing both tunica and lig gains. I was just wondering if there was a difference in quality between the two. Seems everyone thinks they’re both about equal so I guess that’s that!

Bigger (Bib) wrote this about the LOT Theory and how to work it to get gains:

“The whole thing with the LOT, the best angles to hang at, etc, depend on the relationship of the tunica to the ligs. There are two major groups of ligs, the fundiform and the suspensory, which attach to the pubic bone and then to fascia on the tunica.

The outer shaft, or outer tunica, is the area toward the head from where the fascia attach to the tunica. The inner shaft or tunica is the area toward the a-hole from the fascia attachments.

In general, when hanging or stretching at the upper angles, it is more likely that the entire shaft, tunica, will be stressed, both inner and outer.

In general, when hanging or stretching at the lower angles, it is more likely that at some point, the ligs will take the stress, rather than the inner shaft, tunica.

Of course, the outer shaft, tunica, will take stress with almost any type of PE at all times.

Over time, when hanging or stretching at the upper angles, it is likely that the inner and outer tunica will grow/stretch. As the inner tunica grows, it raises the LOT, and increases the potential for gains from future lig stretching.

Over time, when hanging or stretching at the lower angles, it is likely that the ligs will stretch/grow, and more of the inner shaft, tunica, will be exposed.

Hobby has described it as a see-saw effect.

So the plan is: With a low LOT, work the upper angles for a period of time (months) until the LOT rises appreciably. Then, work the lower angles for a period of time (months), until the LOT lowers, then switch back to the upper angles.

With a high LOT, work the lower angles for a period of time (months), until the LOT lowers (6-7), and/or gains stop. Then, work the upper angles to re-raise the LOT.”

Sorry dreamaloud, you’ll have to excuse my friend. He’s a little slooooow. They are equal IMHO. Maybe next time I should actually read the first post….lol.


Hypothetically, if you only stretched your ligs and no tunica. The tip of your glans would be no closer to your bellybutton when measuring straight up. Your shaft is where you need the gains when measuring this way. You notice gains from lig stretching when only measuring straight out or below.

Tunica or Lig gains? It’s a matter esthetics, do you want your penis to touch your knees when flaccid or go past your belly button when erected? Of course you could go for both..

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