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Purple veins on penis shaft

Purple veins on penis shaft

I just started wet jelqing for about a week (4-5 times roughly?) and I’d warm-up in the shower beforehand by letting the water hit my dick, and then I’d stretch. There’s the basics of my routine.

Then today, I noticed I have 3 somewhat large purple veins on the right side of my shaft when erect. I hadn’t noticed them before.

Is it possible I could’ve gotten these just from the 10 minute jelq sessions? Is this normal, and do they go away? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

What are other people’s experiences with purple veins; I’m somewhat concerned about this, because they’re kinda ugly looking.

They are not veins, but arteries which are bluish because they contain more oxygenated blood. You may have had them before and not noticed. It may be, too, that the jelking is causing them to be more pronounced. Either way, not a bad thing. Gradually your penile vascular system should become more efficient. This is good for erectile function.



Hmm, thanks for the reply; that seems plausible I suppose. I just wish they weren’t so ugly looking; do they ever end up blending in better, or.?

I also wanted to add that after re-examining myself, I can also see them when my penis is flaccid, but in this state they are purplish AND bluish, so they almost look like regular veins. When erect, they’re obviously more pronounced and look more purple as well.
This probably changes nothing, but I want to give as much info as possible just in case.

Would continued jelqing tend to make arteries even more pronounced than they are now?

If they were just blue, I wouldn’t mind so much.

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