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Purple marks.

Purple marks.

Hey everybody..

I have been on the newbie routine for just a week, when I damaged a small vein on the top of my shaft midway down.

I have been off for almost 4 days now and it seems to have healed.

However, there is still a purple mark, roughly the size of nickel still on my shaft.

Does anybody have a remedy?

I’m gaining as well. I still do my warm ups, stretches and Kegels, and I am loving the way my buddy is hanging.

Perfectly normal when you just start out. It comes from jelqing I suppose? Purple dots are normal and nothing to worry about. They will fade as soon as your cock gets used to PE.

Is there any pain and or discomfort with said purple spot?

You did not say what caused said purple spot to begin with, so I am going to assume that you were most likely using to much pressure to jelq or grip for something. Can you please elaborate so that we can give you better advice?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks Sinister. But these are not dots. It was in fact caused from jelqing. An injury. I broke a vessel. It has since then healed, but a purple mark the size of a nickel is still very visible. I purchased some Arnica gel today and have given ‘Buddy” his first application.

Sunshine kid.No pain or discomfort, but I am leaving ‘Buddy’ alone for awhile, especially with the jelqing. I will begin again after the purple mark has disappeared.
You are also correct in assuming the tightness.Too much is in fact LESS.
Like allot of guys out here.quick results.I have lived and I have learned. Great things take time to develop, in all aspects of life.

Warlord, yes, leave it alone for awhile, piss pulls are ok.

Repeat after me, I have one penis, I will not hurt it. Say 50 times a day until the purple spot goes away and you won’t repeat the same mistake.

Sinister, red dots are normal yes, purple spots the size of nickels aren’t.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I have one penis, I will not hurt it.50 times.

ok sunshine,my bad.

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