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Purple head

Purple head

I was just doing some casual stretching in the bathroom, maybe 4 streches and noticed the head was a little purple and cold…why would that be?

Also, im looking to buy a pump,not really for PE purposes, but just to use on occasion, whats a good cheap pump that works pretty good? The first question is most important though.

The purple color is from cutting off oxygen and the cold is from cutting off circulation.

You could try this pump. The cylinder might not be the best, but it has a very good brass pump:…1QQcmdZViewItem

So is the fact that it turned purple going to cause anything negative?

Also, when looking for a pump, what exactly should I be looking to know its a good/safe pump?

I think most people here will agree, just make sure your pump has a Gage.

That way you don’t overdo it.

If your penis is turning purple and cold, that means you are gripping too hard during your stretches and circulation to your unit got cut off. How long were you holding your stretches for?


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I was holding them for about 30 seconds…I do a little swinging in between then do the next stretch..I hold about 1/2 past the head. I wrapped it in warm cloth, it seems to be alright and back to normal now..but dont want it to happen again.

How bad is it for this to be happening? It seems to be happening alot, and it stings a little bit. I cant grasp any lighter and get a good stretch. Id really just like to know im not damaging anything.

It usually goes away, but this time im left with purple, almost black, spots on my head and there is even one on the skin before the head…what is going on?

My thought is that you are griping way to hard. I do understand the need for a decent grip to get a good stretch, but if you aren’t careful you are heading for an injury.

Try something to wrap around the penis so that you can grip without cutting off circulation. The vets might have some ideas.

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Try grip in hot water bath or shower, I get the best grip and I can now hold for 4 minutes.

BTW, to be able to hold 3-4 minutes, I would advice you to train your fingers/hands to be able to hold it.

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