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Pure Length gains...?

Pure Length gains...?

I wanted purely and just length gains in the first couple of months and then concentrate on the girth. Am I using the right approach? What are some excercises I should do for fast length gains?

What’s your LOT?

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ahhhh LOT?:confused:

how does determining the LOT help again? also I still am pretty confused as to how I am suppose to calculate my LOT…plz help

Calculate your LOT by standing up ans stretching your penis up. Then kegel. If you see your penis retract a little lower the angle of your penis and try again. Keep going until you no longer see any retraction when you kegel.

The theory is that with a high LOT (ie loss tugback with the penis at a high angle) You have gains that can be acheived through stretching the ligaments attaching the penis to the body. With a low LOT you stand more chance of gaining through stretching the tunica (which is harder to do).

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so how do you excatly stretch those lings and tunica if you have have high tug when the penis is pulled up?

I’m not sure I understand you’re question.

If you have a high LOT you might try attacking the ligs directly and stretching at an angle below LOT. Maybe going for BTC stretches or JAI’s or some kind of combination. I don’t think you have to worry about attacking the tunica too early on but if you do you’ll probably end up pulling the ligaments too.

I always avoided stretching at low angles but I either had a low LOT when I started or stretched the ligs when pulling with an upward angle.

The tunica is quite tough so you need to work quite hard to stretch it. I think these stretches work because they are held for a long time and have enough force to deform the tunica lengthways.

Hope that helps.

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is there a video out here from which i can undertsand how to calculate my LOT? thx

Yeah,i myself have given a little bit of thought to LOT,but it is a bit confusing to understand without a pic or some sorta diagram.I think i may understand it but havent attempted to determine my LOT cause of not being completely sure.

Hey, guys!

Well, all of us determined our LOT without any video. It’s easy… As memento has already said all you have to do is:

1. Stand upright. Imagine that your penis is a clock arrow that can move only from 6 o’clock (which is the position when your penis looks on the floor) to 12 o’clock (the up most position of your penis).
2. With your right or left hand take the glans of your penis and pull it away from your body up wards so that your glans shows 12 o’clock.
3. Now do kegel (the exercise that makes your PC muscle located between your anus and scrotum contract. If you don’t know how to contract it do search: kegel).
4. Watch your penis. Do you see any tug back (penis moves inside your body a little when your PC muscle is contracting)?
5. If you see any tug back then move your glans lower to say 10 o’clock so that your penis will now be diagonally to you body. Kegel again. See tug back?
6. Repeat this algorithm until you see no tug back. This is your LOT (for example 7:00).

Now about how it is connected to your length gaining abilities. The lower your LOT (from 6:00 to 7:00) the more tighter your ligaments and the more chances you have to get fast results. You simply stretch the ligs and make more of the inner penis visible. You create a visual illusion that your penis looks longer without changing its real volume (or almost not changing).

If I want to achieve only pure lenght gains now should I jelq or stop jelquing ? My lot is around 7 so I heard jelquing make your tunica harder for future stretch. I’m now 7.1 EBPL and 5.5 EG and I want to achieve 8 EBPL before attacking my EG.

So what should I do ?

Starting at : (19/05/03) BPEL : 6.75 EG : 5.5 Now : BPEL : 7.125 EG : 5.5

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