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Hey guys,

Sorry if this thread is misplaced, I tried posting a message in the pumpers forum but I guess I can’t for now.

Has any newbies here tried to pump and jelq at the same time? I have seen pumps now with weights attached at the very end of the tubes. Wondering if they are any better than say a bibhanger.

So I just started my PE routines and I just want to see if a newbie club can be formed here where we can all share routines and results.

Hey, point1, welcome to Thunder’s Place! You’ll be able to post anywhere once your member status (under your name) changes to “Member.” That happens after 14 days and 20 posts.

Do you have a link to the pump cylinder with weights? Pumping is done erect and hanging is done flaccid. I’m not sure the two can be combined with good results.

Many guys have posted their routines and results here in Size’s Database. Don’t see a need for a Newbie Club since you won’t be one in a few months. :) Good luck!

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hello westla… I want to post the link to the pump that I bought but Im afraid thunder might misconstrue it as me pimping their products…

West, here is the product that I purchased, it was very expensive but recommended by the “surgical consultant” that I was talking to as an alternative to surgery. He said I will get gains with this product but of course nothing compares to surgery. Supposedly, the man in the website demonstrating its use is his own…

The product came with weights I think up to 10 pounds that hang from the end of the cyclinder. I have just started so I will post results once done.

Hey point1. I remember you from the chat.
Any way, first It’s pretty important that you’ll remember you should only hang weights after your dick is conditioned enough. Let’s say after ahmm, I dont really know. Personally I’d wait around 2 month until I start hanging anything.

Good luck with PE.

Hey bill,

I know, I am going to take it easy with the weights… Right now, my focus is performing the jelq exercises correctly. As someone mentioned in another post, I have started to feel a difference in terms of erection and overall responsiveness. I hope to get some gains in the next 6 months.

It would be interesting to see if there are any other members with experience in pumps and weights at the same time.

Ah, Dr. Rheinschild. I’ve worked with him. He’s one of the good penile enhancement surgery docs and fixes a lot of problems caused by others. The guy in the photos sure has a fat dick. He’s probably one of Rheinchild’s patients who had fat injections.

Do your instructions say how long to hang? I’d be concerned about fluid buildup in the tissues, especially if you’re entering the cylinder flaccid. Which of the two devices did you get? I can’t quite grasp the concept of the blue one.

If you hang around here and follow the Newbie Routine for about six weeks (to condition your dick) then move on to more advanced things, you’ll likely find that you don’t need surgery. I know your size (from another thread). Have you read these threads about our member YGuy? He started about where you are and added about four inches.

YGuy Progress Report
YGuy Semi, Flaccid, & (now) Erect Pics
YGuy is probably the gains champ

I just watched the Dr. Rheinschild video from the site… Did I hear that right? The guy ended up with more then two inches of erect girth at the midshaft and a couple of erect inches to boot! I wonder how much it would cost to increase my girth two inches! Almost sounds too good to be true….

hey regular,

about 13k for both procedures.. pretty stiff (pardon the pun)

Hey West,

I am trying to enter the tube 3/4 erect.. all they told me is to start hanging for 10 minutes with 1 or 2 pounds. Gradually working my way up.

As for the other device, it works like a bib hanger only using suction as a grip… I have yet to receive mine (I got the pump, cylinder, and weights but not the device they call extreme extender)

will post my results.

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