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I have heard of “pumping” many times on this site and have come to the conslusion that it is not jelqing…What is it…?? Anyone have any pages they can direct me too?


I didn’t reply earlier because I don’t pump.

However as no-one said anything, here is a visual explanation.

this is for extreme pumpers but you get the drift. I have only heard one guy say he had had permanent gains from pumping, after many years and very frecuently. But as I believe he did other PE as well….


I’ve been doing pumping for 14 mos, jelkling and pumping since April 2001. I did get good gains from pumping alone and fairly quickly; but I have also got additional gains from doing both. imo, jelking tends to “cement” gain a little better, however there is no question in my mind that pumping can greatly improve a compromised vascular system in the penis. I used to be smooth, now very veiny. I take this as a good sign and, frankly, I like the veiny look: kind of more sexually awesome.



The two best pumping sites are and

Pumptoys makes and sells some gear but are the least pushy of anybody plus there is an excellent library of pumping info.

Tiger doesn’t sell anything - just supplies info and pictures.

And I’m not commercially involved with either, FWIW.



My early gains were all had while I was doing a combo of jelquing, ulis, hanging with the old home made modified Bib Hanger……..

…….And Vacuum pumping with a “San Francisco” type pump and tubes……..

When I think back on it, my dick is the same size it was last August, and the only thing I am doing differently is that pumping has been all but dropped out of the repetoire in lieu of more serious hanging……

(But I’m having a PE and work holiday at the moment for Sydney G+L Mardi Gras………and have come down with a moderate dose of the ‘flu.)


Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

I seen some huge pumped up meat there, some one said that it last a few days. If this is so, it may not be such a bad idea. However I do not like the long sessions involved. I would much rather have permanent gains, I am wanting to end my PE sessions in a few years.


Some guys spend a great deal of time in the cylinder. I don’t. Usually 3 eight to ten minute sessions with jelking in between.

I think an advantage to pumping is that one gets over-all expansion with the right sized tube: head, and all around the shaft for uniform development if vacuum levels are not too high. After you’ve been doing it awhile, yes; the pumped-up flaccid thickness tends to last a day or two. A lot of pumpers get what they call “permanent” gains. True or not, pumping is a nice and good-feeling adjunct to my PE program.



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