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Pumping, what can I expect?

Pumping, what can I expect?

I just ordered a pump, I have two questions. I know that everyone is different but I’m wondering.

1 - After I use the pump the first time should I see any visible difference in my size?

2 - After removing the pump how long will I keep the size? If the size decreases can I use a cock ring to keep the size for awhile?

I’m asking this because I’m just wondering if I can go straight from the pump to sex?

I have been jelqing for about two months now with no noticeable girth gain and my routine focuses around girth. Last night the wife and I had sex and I used a cock ring and got an extra 1/4 inch in girth out of it. Needless to say my wife very much enjoyed the extra girth so now I’m like, FUCK.

I then asked her to take a piece of 8.5x11 paper and roll it up and cut it to the size she thought would be “nice”.

I measured when she was done and it was 6 inches in length x 5.75 in girth. So now I’m feeling all sorts of pressure because I’m only 6x5 :( .



1. You should see a slight increase, particularly in girth. This will be temporary, and will last for up to about 8 hours. The temptation is to use too much pressure (vacuum). Don’t let testosterone overrule common sense. Stay at around 4-5mm hg, for no more than 10 minute sessions, with a good massage in between. First time use try two sessions, and build up to 3-4 session as you become conditioned to it.

2. A cock ring will help keep the size for longer, BUT, a metal one could be difficult or impossible to remove (trust me on this). If you don’t want an embarrassing trip to the hospital don’t use metal. A rubber one work just as well for this purpose and will stretch for easier removal.

Pump to sex is good fun, but take the ring off first. It’s good for the ego, but bad for your wally, to restrict the blood flow for extended periods of time, which is what happens when you wear a ring when erect.

Be mindful of injury. It it is painful - stop, slow down, less pressure, shorter sessions etc. Beware of becoming addicted to pumping prior to sex. It’s fun but you just cannot do it before every bonk. Personally I use it for special occasions, or when I’m just really wound up.


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