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Pumping vs clamping

Pumping vs clamping

I have been doing PE for a few months. I am contemplating doing either pumping or clamping. Since they both cause blood flow to the penis, I only want to do one of them. Pumping seems to be safer and easier to control. I am a bit freaked out by pictures of clamping. The discoloration is a bit too much for me. (I understand the discoloration is only temporarily.) Is pumping a suitable replacement for clamping? Or they are different? Do they antagonize each other?

Try the manual forms of clamping. The best clamp is your hand. You can just clamp off the base with one hand and use the other to edge for a bit. If that works for you then you’ll have saved $150 (or possibly more if you make the mistake of buying a bathmate first). Clamping and pumping have different problems. A clamp is hard and it’s quite possible to damage the area around which you are applying the clamp, even if padding seems adequate. Pumping on the other hand lowers the external pressure around the penis rather than increasing internal pressure, so it can be easy to end up coming out of a pump with swelling that might look good to some people but isn’t particularly useful for a PEer.

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Why are you saying that pumping is not useful for PE ?

How long had you pump that you can assure it is usefull ?

You know , I suppouse , That here are a lot of members that gained a lot with pumping . Arent they telling the truth ? ? ?


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