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Pumping vs clamping

Pumping vs clamping

They seem the same to me..
I searched a little and did not find a direct comparison.

It seems that a lot of places don’t put much credence into pumping.
Yet here I have read several people that say good things about clamping.

Can someone explain the difference in what is going on with both and how it matters in terms of gaining permanent vs just temporary(as it seems the case with pumping) ?

Or point me to thread where they know this was discussed.


I think your best bet is reading the excellent articles written about each on this site. And unless you’ve done a lot of PE already, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about these anyway.

Personally, pumping doesn’t do shit for me. I’m just now accepting this (it’s difficult to do so after the financial and time investment i made on pumping). Clamping is what gives me girth gains. Now if you’re looking for length, I believe clamping is no good. Not only will it probably not give you any length gains, it even hinders gains from other exercises, so I hear.

I'm a disciple of science.

Phuzzy logic, thank you very much for joining Thunders you will find it to be a very interesting experience for there is a wealth of wisdom and experience
amongst many of our members.

Like Scienceguy I too think you should focus the basis of your initial program on the newbie routine. It yielded some of my best gains. Master the basics
and gain understanding of what works best for you before trying to master the intermediate or advanced methods.

On a side note, I attribute most of my gains to pumping and the manual exercises which have accompanied it. I have clamped before but have never really
focussed on it as a primary form of PE it was something I would throw in to change my routine. It enlarged my head however pumping gave me both length
and girth.

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