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Pumping: small blood blister on penis head

Pumping: small blood blister on penis head

Hi there,

I’m new to pumping and today I tried it for some time.

When I finished the exercise I noticed that I got a small blister filled with blood at one side of the urethral orifice.

Think that’s not the usual thing to happen.

Any experience about that phenomena?

Although I’m not exactly sure what you mean by blood blister, I’ve had my fair share of blood spots. Mine tend to be 1-2mm in diameter, and appear after my routine of hanging, stretching, and jelqing (usually after particularly intense jelqing sessions. They always appear on the head, I’ve probably had 5-10 at the same time. Heat seems to make mine fade, and after a few days they go away completely.

Hi 14u welcome to the Forum!

Quite simply, you are using too high a vacuum. And your penis is probably not conditioned to stand up to the vacuum involved.

Do not go over 3hg (if you don’t have a guage, then just have it at a very low level of ‘pull’)

Also you are trying pumping too soon. You would do better to leave pumping alone for at least 1 month. better 2 months. And do the Newbie routine now.

There’s no shame in doing the Newbie routine (Most of us have done it),
But there is pain if you do the pumping too early.. as the next stage of overdoing it will be a hard flaccid penis. Which will put you out of action for a couple of months

Best leave everything alone until the blisters have gone. Then start again.

Hope that helps.


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