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Pumping questions

Pumping questions


I have been doing the newbie routine for about 2-3 months, perhaps with more rest days than I really should have had.

I have recently started using a generic pump without a gauge for about 10 minutes on alternate days and have ordered myself a pump with a gauge only today, allowing me to track pressure a bit better (from what I hear I should aim for 3-4 mm Hg).

My question is this; with the generic pump, I was seeing a good increase in size (girth and length) while I am inside the pump; however as soon as the pressure is released; this soon comes back to normal size (sometimes not even fully erect anymore). Is this possibly a negative PI?

The reason I ask is because in various places in the forum there is a mention of the pump ‘staying’ for a few hours to begin and then sometimes lasting days at a time.

Also is it worth using a cock ring straight after coming the out of the pump to keep the pump for slightly longer?

Are you a PE beginner or not? If so, no cockring after pumping but also no pumping at all.

It simply takes time. Try using constant heat for better results.

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Once you get your pump with a gauge, you want to slowly, over the course of a month, work you way up to staying in the tube continuously without a break for 25 to 30 minutes. Once you start pumping for the longer continuous times, your after pump result will last longer and longer. Just remember to add time slowly so as not to cause red spots, bruising, or discoloration. And yes, as you are working your way up to 30 minutes, keep the pressure in the 3 to 4”hg range. After reaching 30 minutes, you can explore higher pressures, to 5 and eventually 6”hg, but stay no higher that 6”hg for quite some time as you can get good gains at this level.

Even when you can pump to 6”hg without trauma, still always start your routine in the 3 to 4”hg range and slowly work your way up to 6”hg. That is the best way to avoid breaking capillaries that make those annoying red spots.

After all of this, you are now an expert and can get your official pumping license. :)

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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