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Pumping Question

Pumping Question

I have been reading through many of the helpful threads here at Thunder’s and have been doing manual stretches for a few months. I have decided to add pumping and start a PE routine. I know many of you include jelqing as a part of your PE, but this is impossible for me due to having lost my left hand in an accident. I have read that some ‘jelq’ while in the tube by pulling the tube slightly away from the body, I was wondering if this is actually a beneficial way to jelq, as it would give me an enhancing exercise that I am capable of? I have started pumping according to the “Pumping 101” thread, I enjoy doing it and how it looks and feel afterward very much. Also, is there a way to keep the inside of the tube from steaming up?

Sorry for such a long first post, I wanted to make sure I gave enough information for some answers.

Actually, you can’t jelq in the tube while pumping. That motion is called milking the tube and what it does is cause a pressure variation that is very good for maintaining an erection and getting max size while pumping.

The best way to keep from steaming up is to wrap a heat pad around the tube while pumping. You can buy a Thermipaq microwave heat pad at Walmart for around $10.00, that measures around 12” X 6”. You can see what it looks like by looking at post #3 and #5 in this thread:

Incremental Pump Routine Results

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Hmm, I submitted a reply, but it does not show. Hopefully this will not be a duplicate post.

Gprent, thanks so much for the quick reply and the information. I checked out the link you sent. Keep up the great PE work, it really seems to be paying off for you. Thank you again.

If anyone has any information on manual PE that can be done by someone with my limitations, I would be most appreciative to hear them. I am very close to 50 and I would love to keep my member as fit as possible going forward (and a bit of extra length and girth would be a pleasant bit of icing on the cake).

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