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Pumping or Clamping first?

Pumping or Clamping first?

I have been fortunate enough to gain almost .75 inches in 6 months of PE, from what I can tell that is above average in the length department at this point in my PE career. I am now at 7.8-87 inches hard bone pressed. My girlfriend experienced some pain last time we had sex at 7.75, so at 8 inches BP, or very slightly over (she is out of the country and won’t be back until near the end of June) I am going into I guess a semi-retirement regarding length. I don’t think I will ever care about being much more than 8 BP, and definitely am not worried about going above 8.5.

All of that said, I want to focus almost completely on girth (with some maintinence shortly after I hit 8), my guess is that this will come sometime in the early to mid part of June if I focus mostly on length. Up until now I though I had gained about 0.2 max shaft on girth, but it seems that it has gone away.

I don’t know if happened because I took a decon break a few weeks ago, or because I stopped taking arginine for a week, but it seems that almost anything I gained is now gone on girth, the weird thing is that I don’t feel or look thinner (if anything thicker)

I have done some squeezes, in fact I have done some pretty hard squeezes, and even had a little discoloration. I certainly don’t mind slight discoloration in exchange for some girth, but I think I am running out of manuals to increase my girth with, and I guess it gets frustrating hearing others talk about having 0.5 inch girth gains just with their hands.

My question is where should I go from here pumping or clamping, or could i try something different with manuel stretches, the other thing is that I get very little expansion doing anything with my hands, I don’t even know if i really get 0.1 inches, is there anything else I could try?


You cannot work completely on girth or length. They come together in a package. But you can work with exercises which target one or the other. Pumping is normally the better choice for increasing girth. So that might be worth a try.

Hope that helps.


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thanks petit, I live in a house with several roomates, so I think pumping will have to wait, but I suppose I will continue playing with manuals and hope that something clicks.

BTW, I am wandering if anyone has went the route of gaining nothing in the way of girth first (for a year or so), and then when they targeted girth they were successful?

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