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Pumping helping with discoloration

Pumping helping with discoloration

Newbie here..

I starting trying out PE about 5 months ago but stopped pretty quickly. I was just doing jelqs and thought I was doing a reasonably warmup with hot-wraps and using good lubrications of either baby oil or Vaseline. If I used any reasonable pressure, I would quickly get spots on my penis. Little dark ones. They would go away in a few days, but they are pretty hard to explain.

So.. I thought I would try pumping. However, about the time I decided to try pumping, I was also away for a few weeks and did not have to worry about “spots”. So I did a routine of 15 minutes of jelqing at a relatively high pressure followed by 2-5 minute or so sessions of pumping. Guess what, no spots!

So to all those experts out there, has anyone noticed any correlation of pumping after jelqing helping to prevent discoloration?


Beginning stats: BPEL - 6.75 or so, Mid-Girth - 5.1 or so
Goal: BPEL over 8, girth - 6

Anybody have an opinion on this?

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Yes, I think light pumping can work to remove discoloration, because it forces fresh blood into the discolored areas. But taken too far, pumping can also cause discoloration, so if you are using pumping as a cure, use low vacuums and short sessions. Low vacuum would be 4” hg or less.

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