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Pumping and time

Pumping and time

What is the recommended pumping time for achieving pumping gains?

In pumping 101 you suggest building up to 1 hour, and taking breaks after 20 mins sets.

When you get up to the full hour, could you do:

20 mins, stop and massage 5 minutes, then do more sets, with 5 minute breaks?

Or do you have to leave it longer between sets?

The idea is to flush the old semi-stagnant blood out and replace it with fresh blood every 20 minutes. Take however long in between sets as you want, as long as you feel that the blood has been refreshed. 5 minutes of jelqing sounds nice, but you could probably get away with 1 or 2.

Current: 5.5" NBPEL (6" BP) x 5" EG

Goal: 6.5" NBPEL x 5.5" EG

After a certain point of duration, most of us (even well-conditioned guys) get some side effects like the “doughnut” and more general lymphatic buildup on the flaccid shaft which may look great to any partner who is going to see you, or in the gym shower, but this phatness doesn’t translate into erect gains; at least most posters in the Pumping Forum say that.

Less is often better.



I just do 5 minute sets, let it go soft, and then get it back up and go again. I assume this is OK, right? Are my sets too short?

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