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Pumpers question

Pumpers question

I have read a lot of information on the pumpers forum and am considering adding pumping to round out my routine.

Two questions, do you have to be shaved to get a good seal? I have tried shaving and it turned into a disaster, I’m in the process of letting it grow back now.

When you use a hand pump are you constantly pumping it or does it hold a vacuum fairly well?

I could not find answers to these question from my searches.

It helps if you at least shave the base of your shaft as this will help with the seal. If everything is sealed up properly, you only have to occasionally bump up the pressure with the hand pump. I would recommend using KY jelly or another water based equivalent as your lube/seal. Vaseline makes a good seal but it is a pain to clean.

Originally Posted by Tsuga
I have tried shaving and it turned into a disaster

The first time you shave your skin is going to get very irritated. You can minimize the irritation and bumps by applying hydrocortisone cream (not salve) to the skin when done. After a couple of weeks your skin will be use to the shaving and you will no longer need the cream.

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

OK, lets say I don’t shave at all, am I doomed? With enough KY jelly can I get a seal.

The problem with shaving was my wife. She complained it was way too prickly, no matter how well I shaved. She’s sexually quite active and having her not wanting it is out of the question. This is why I’m looking for another solution before starting pumping.

I didn’t shave, just used a trimmer to provide reasonable access for the rim of the tube, and it worked fine.

And you don’t have to slather on KY jelly either, just enough to seal it. Save the slathering for inside, so you don’t go raw—ouch!

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