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"Pumped up Penis after Jelqing", how long does it last?

"Pumped up Penis after Jelqing", how long does it last?

I’ve read here on Thunders that after a 10-15min Jelq session (3sec Jelqs), the penis should hand fuller and will stay “pumped up” for quite a while. A couple of threads indicate that this pumped up effect should last atleast a few hours.

My experience has been that, YES the penis is pumped up after a Jelq session, BUT it stays pumped up only for say 10-15mins. After I do a warm wrap, the pumped up look fades away fast. Is this normal? Or am I Jelqing wrong?


“the penis should hand fuller”.

Sorry about that! I meant “penis should stay fuller”. I don’t know how I got “stay” and “hand” mixed-up. :-(

There is no answer.

Some guys keep the pumped look for hours, some only have it a few minutes.

The fact that it fades after a few minutes doesnt mean you are jqling wrong. Everyone is different. I keep the “pumped” look for maybe 5-15mins, it varies, and I still gain.

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