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Pumped from jelqing

Pumped from jelqing

Should you be pumped after a jelq session?
If I go real hard I will be about .2” thicker after
A long jelq session. Also have a slight donut.
Is this the “right” way to jelq?
If I go lighter I am really no bigger at all.
When I say hard session and light session,
It refers to time.5 mins light
15 to 30 hard

And grip strength. Very tight grip hard
Light grip light session

Anyone care to comment on this

Still learning

When I do my girth blasters routine I always get a good pump. If when you do your routine, you can really feel your shaft and head get pressurised from increased blood flow due to the jelq strokes, you are probably getting a “good” jelq pump effect. If, however, the skin just looks kind of puffy afterwards, you may just have lymph fluid build up from irritation.

You shouldn’t have to use a very tight grip to get a good pump. Try just using a moderate grip.

Thanks gprent

I have noticed some puffiness from lymph fluid.

I do get a great increase of blood from the jelq

Also though. Maybe I need to grip with less force.



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