Pumped-Flacid Stretched-Erect Length Compared

I have been pumping for about two weeks with a homemade equipment (haven’t been able to get the vacuum gauge, yet). I pumped until I feel discomfort and then back up a little. I’m not getting any more petechias (maybe Vit C, E and Hesperidine-Diosmine (Daflon) supplementation has helped) nor thrombosed veins I can detect, although some veins get a little thick and hard after the workout, but with jelqing and massage are restored to their original state. I pumped for 5 min. jelq, massage 5 min. and repeat 4 times, applying heat all the time. I feel a nice pump, especially at the base where I hope to pack some serious girth. I’m packing about 3” of the tube and normally reach a 6.5” length, some times 7”.

My FSBPL is 7.5”, my BPEL is 6.5” although I (and the wife) have measured up to 7.5” on occasions when very hard. Since I only reach 6.5”-7” during pumping, I wondered how these figures normally compare (on average) according to the experts’ opinions.

I don’t know if this subject has been treated in older threads, I’ve tried searching with no results. If so, please direct me to them.

If any of you guys out there can answer I’ll appreciate it.