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Pump with no gauge

Pump with no gauge

I´ve buyed a pump but without a gauge. I want to know how is the limit, when I have to stop?

My routine is: 10 mins pump morning, 8 hours of stretch with penis stretcher device, 500 kegel, 600 jelq and finishing more 10 mins of pump. Its a good routine? Thanks.

I would say your program in total is way over all the limits. First off, how long have you been doing PE? What is you exercise schedule as far as days on and off? Have you having any luck with the marathon program you are currently doing? I just can’t imagine it is working for you as it is so far over the top and allows no healing time. One more question, how old are you?

Im 22 years old, I´ve been doing pe for 4 months, I just added the pump in the last month. 5 days on 2 off.

One more question. What type of hanger do you use for that 8 hours? I hope you remove it frequently to restore blood flow.

It just usually happens, that you reach a point of diminishing returns when you do too much of anything, and PE is no exception. As a matter of fact, many guys who do less PE time then you do actually suffer a reduction in cock size as the cock tends to retreat from overuse and abuse.

Your pump times of 10 minutes are just fine and the pressures you use should not cause any discomfort or bloating of the outer skin. But I would seriously consider cutting back by at least half on your stretching and jelqing. And even then, your total program is still very aggressive and probably too much.

The device is just like this in the link


and I remove it to restore blood flow. But I feel no pain, when I feel that im hurting myself I stop.

Never had any problems only feel spots.

How are you 4 months results so far? Do you have any gains to report?

yes 1/2 in length and 1/4 in girth I think its a good gain right?

Its last month measurements. Dont know the right measuremets now.

Next month I´ll measure again.

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