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pump purchasing problems

pump purchasing problems

My problem is not what kind or where to buy a pump but how? My wife knows nothing about my PEing, and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible. She usually keeps the books for all the bills and she keeps a pretty tight eye on the money. So, if I just go out and buy supplies to make a pump she will now that I dont need that stuff for anything around the house. I’m just waiting to save a couple bucks of she money, (money that “she” don’t know about) here and there untill I have enough for a pump so I can start adding pumping to my routine. Hopefully it will be very soon. Can’t wait to start pumping.

Why don’t you simply tell her that you would like to buy a pump for your PE and you are going to take the money for it?

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She doesn’t know about my PE. We were in the local adult book store recently, and we walked by the pumps and I said in a joking manner .”That’s what I need right there” pointing to the pumps and she just scoffed and said, “I don’t thing so.” She said they do more damage than good and she wont even consider it. It is going to be difficult for me to get one at the moment, but I will hopefully very soon

Sorry, I misread your first post, I thought she knew. In this case the best thing really is as you said to save some money and get a pump. I think it’s safer to get from the manufacturer using a money order and pick it up at the post office because it you try to make one at home, she might get suspicious.

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No problem sparky91. I’m just anxious to get started pumping. I want those girth gains.

Wow I’m reminded by the guy in THE BURBS movie “…why don’t you take your balls out of your wife’s purse already” or something of the sort :) If its the 100 dollar cylinders I can see its going to take a while to save up.

Are you Japanese by any chance? Your nick doesn’t say so but wives in the traditional Japanese families controlled the money. Good luck on getting the money! Sell something she won’t miss on ebay :) Or if you are old school, pawn it.

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Well actually I used to spend money like no tomorrow on booze and smoke, so now she kind of watches it a little more closley.

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do you have a private debit or credit card, one that’s your personal thing? If so, charge it on that and get a good quality pump. Check with the guys in the pumpers forum…

Make it huge....!

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