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pump or jelk?

pump or jelk?

Hey foks, anyone here who can tell me if its better to jelk or to pump? New to this and just dont know what to believe. Lookink for both length and girth. Would like to spent minimum time on workout with good gains…

Probably the best is to combine the two where you alternate several sets of pumping then jelqing. For just getting started, it is always a good idea to begin with the Newbie Routine that gets you conditioned to the program with stretching and jelqing.

Begin with the Newbie Routine. Follow it to the letter.

Originally Posted by firegoat
Begin with the Newbie Routine. Follow it to the letter.

I second Firegoat. Add pumping in later, after you’ve completed the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine .

After that - Gprent is right; pumping AND jelqing work well together. If I had limited time for a routine, I would incorporate both into that time.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Fohlen, follow the advice given above, after your conditioned using the newbie routine (at least 60 days) you can add other excercises. Regarding pumping, checkout the pumpers forum and follow pumping 101 thread, lots of good advice!

Take it slow and easy and avoid injury.

Thanks answering, so i’ll try out the newbie routine. Hope that really works…let you know then

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