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Pump hanging and lymph buildup question

Pump hanging and lymph buildup question

Hello all!

I’ve been using Male-bridge’s EXS.

The question is: It’s pretty comfortable except for when I develop major lymph fluid buildup at the topmost foreskin area.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do or use to minimize this?

Hanging 8 pounds for about 1 hour at about 7 to 8 HG.

Will this diminish over time? What I mean is, will I start to get less and less fluid buildup over time as my member gets conditioned?

I appreciate all suggestions!



Any good advice?

If I could only control the lymph fluid buildup I could hang for so much longer and still maintain comfort.

I believe it will get better. Make sure you pull your foreskin all the way back, this helps. Also, I hang for up to an hour every fourth day and get good gains, you should be able to do the same. I use a homemade vacuum hanger and have used the max-vac. I have never tried the Male-bridge but figure they are all very similar.

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